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Your Gateway to a Secure and Smooth Experience. Our SIA-licensed, highly trained professionals go beyond security; they provide courteous access control, expert crowd management, skillful de-escalation, vigilant patrols, and emergency preparedness, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for your guests, staff, and property. Contact us today and let our dedicated team create a secure haven for your success.


ASMH Ltd secures your peace of mind with comprehensive site security solutions. From construction sites and vacant properties to events and retail spaces, our SIA-licensed, highly trained guards provide 24/7 vigilance. Utilizing advanced technology and proactive patrols, we deter trespassers, prevent damage, and ensure the safety of your assets and personnel. Rest assured, with ASMH, your site is in capable hands. Contact us today for a customized security plan and experience the difference true security brings.


ASMH Ltd elevates your event security. Our experienced, SIA-licensed professionals seamlessly blend into your event, ensuring crowd control, access management, VIP protection, and emergency preparedness. Leveraging innovative technology and proactive strategies, we anticipate and mitigate risks, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable experiences. From festivals and concerts to conferences and private gatherings, trust ASMH to deliver a secure and successful event. Contact us today and let our expertise safeguard your vision.


ASMH Ltd fortifies your retail haven. Our vigilant, SIA-licensed security personnel safeguard your store, deterring theft, preventing loss, and ensuring customer safety. We provide loss prevention strategies, access control, package protection, and plainclothes personnel for discreet monitoring. With our proactive approach and cutting-edge technology, shoplifting shrinks, and customer satisfaction thrives. Secure your bottom line and elevate your retail experience with ASMH Ltd. Contact us today for a customized security plan and watch your business flourish.


ASMH Ltd’s CCTV & Remote Monitoring. Keep your eyes everywhere with our state-of-the-art CCTV systems and 24/7 remote monitoring. Our expertly installed cameras deter crime, capture crucial evidence, and provide real-time insights. Highly trained professionals monitor your feeds, responding swiftly to alerts and dispatching authorities when needed. Gain peace of mind knowing your property is secure, proactively protected, and monitored by ASMH Ltd’s watchful eye. Contact us today for a customized solution and experience the power of remote security.


ASMH Ltd Secures Your Empty Space. Leave your worries behind when your property stands vacant. Our comprehensive vacant property security solutions safeguard your investments from squatters, vandalism, and weather damage. SIA-licensed security patrols, alarm systems, boarded-up windows, and regular inspections deter unwanted activity and ensure your property remains secure and ready for its next chapter. Trust ASMH Ltd to give your vacant space the watchful eye it deserves. Contact us today for a personalized plan and experience the peace of mind that comes with true vacant property security.

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